Desi talk – that’s all you need to know 31 ENTERTAINMENT March 29, 2024 Netflix Drops Trailer Of The Great Indian Kapil Show A new episode every Saturday promises a star- studded laughter extravaganza uncovering the unseen side of celebrities, starting March 30 only on Netflix. Yes, we are talking about the much-anticipated The Great Indian Kapil Show¸ Kapil Sharma’s much-anticipated humor-fest that pre- mieres March 30, marking his move to Netflix. The freshly-unveiled trailer gives a fun peek at the laughter-filled episodes awaiting viewers. Kapil is back alongside his gang of friends Sunil Grover, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Rajiv Thakur and Archana Puran Singh with a whole lot more up their sleeves. Expect to see a different side of the celebrity guests, courtesy Kapil and the gang’s warm hospitality. “Even if you think you know your favorite stars very well, brace yourself for some surprises on the show,” states the media release. The trailer revealed an eclectic mix of guests, from the Kapoor family (Ranbir, Riddhima and Neetu Ka- poor) to Imtiaz Ali, Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra. There’s even a sighting of Aamir Khan alongside Indian Cricket captain Rohit Sharma with batsman Shreyas Iyer. From the cast donning a variety of characters to Kapil’s signature one-liners, it will be difficult to keep a straight face! Tanya Bami, Series Head, Netflix India says, “The Great Indian Kapil Show is a treat for our members to enjoy with their families every week. With this show, we take our collaboration with Kapil Sharma to the next level. We are thrilled to reunite Kapil and Sunil via this show on Netflix, delighting millions of fans all over the world. There are loads of exciting elements — celebrities at their funniest, sketch comedy at its craziest and Kapil at his best. We can’t wait for you to board this flight with us as India’s favorite show takes off on Netflix.” Brimming with joy, Kapil Sharma shares, “As seen in the trailer, we are back! For all our fans in India, we love you, and for our global fans, especially in Korea and Mon- golia who have been missing us, we’re coming to Netflix on March 30! Sunil, Krushna, Kiku, Rajiv and I have been friends for a very long time and how you see us on screen is how we are in real life. And yes, we love Archana-ji. I had to say this because she’s holding my house-help hos- tage! The Great Indian Kapil Show is an extension of all of us in many ways and thanks to Netflix, you can watch us anytime, anywhere. Just remember, a new episode drops every Saturday.” Sunil Grover shared his excitement about reuniting with the gang, saying, “This feels like a homecoming. We just picked up from where we left off. The trailer is just a small glimpse of the madness and fun we’ve had on the show. Our Indian fans are like family, and this time, we’ll reach a worldwide audience, thanks to Netflix.” Archana Puran Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda and Rajiv Thakur echoed similar sentiments, collectively adding, “We have some truly amazing episodes in store for you, and the trailer is just a chhota pataka (a small firecracker). Hassi ka bada dhamaka (A big explosion of laughter) will happen every Saturday starting March 30. We are excited and all geared up to ensure our fans keep asking for more.” Kapil Sharma returns on March 30 with his new show, The Great Indian Kapil Show, on Netflix. Photo:Netflix The New Princess Peach Game Is High Femme, Low Tech And Good Fun J ust after the year of Barbie, the first princess of video games is in a new title that definitively answers, “Yes, a woman can have it all.” “Princess Peach: Showtime!,” out March 22 for the Nintendo Switch, is the first solo title in nearly 20 years for Princess Peach, an iconic character notoriously cast as gaming’s first damsel in distress. Maybe few are expecting a fictional royal to por- tray more than surface-level feminism and deconstruct the patriarchy. But “Show- time!” is notably leagues more progressive than her 2005 release, “Super Princess Peach,” which was a very fun Nintendo DS game with an outdated perspective on the kind of power a woman can wield (all of her powers revolved around “emotions”). So it is heartwarming to see Peach finally “have it all” in 2024, especially after Anya Taylor-Joy’s wonderful portrayal in last year’s blockbuster film “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” The premise is simple: This theater full of magical beings that put on performances is overrun by a dark force, and Peach will take on each “stage” as the lead performer, becoming the hero of every story, whether she’s a sheriff of the OldWest, a thief with a code of honor or a dancing pastry chef. It’s much like Mario and his different outfits for powers. But instead of red overalls to throw fireballs, Peach is a kung fu martial artist. The controls for this game are alarm- ingly simple: There are two buttons. One of them jumps, and the other does an action specific to the role she plays, whether she’s swinging a sword in action- focused “swordmaster” stages or plopping whipped cream as she dances on a swing dangling over a giant cake. Nintendo makes games for all ages, but “Showtime!” is firmly in a suite of games that make greater allowances for children or less experienced players. Veteran players will find little new here outside of Peach’s charming anima- tions. Many of these levels are closer to minigames. The pastry chef levels about decorating cakes evoke “Mario Party” more than “Mario Bros.” The mechanical limitations do restrict the inventiveness of play possible. “Showtime!” is akin to the Kirby games, with more challenging levels tucked away at the end. Good thing that some of these perfor- mances can be breathtaking. The weirder the job, the more interesting the play, and the most creative performances avoid straight action. You’d expect the superhero play to just be about punching bad guys, but Peach uses her superpowers to “act out” being a superhero, including ferry- ing people to safety. A detective portion turns the game into a rudimentary but lively point-and-click adventure. The ice-skating portion needs to be seen to be believed. The Switch console is showing its age as the frame-rate performance of “Show- time!” often hitches, even during the load- ing sequences. It’s jarring to see curtains flow like stop-motion photography, and Peach’s luxurious animations call for more horsepower. “Showtime!” is high femme, low tech. “Showtime!” displays great promise for a Peach franchise. It’s too bad the project feels more like a dainty step toward more substantive gameplay opportunities. There’s plenty already here, but it leaves you wishing some of these concepts had more room to stretch their legs. Any game that earnestly places femininity on center stage deserves it. -TheWashington Post By Gene Park By a StaffWriter Princess Peach becomes a daredevil thief in her first solo title since 2005. “Princess Peach: Showtime!” is a collection of levels that act as self-contained games, like this cake decora- tion sequence unique to the pastry chef job. Photos:NetflixviaTheWashington Post