Desi Talk – that’s all you need to know 4 CITY VIEWS November 17, 2023 Federation Of Indian Associations, (FIA)-CHICAGO, Annual Board Meeting And Diwali Celebration F ederation of Indian Associations (FIA) organized its Annual Board Meeting and a splendid Diwali Cel- ebration on November 5th at India Foodie Restaurant and banquet, Downers Grove IL. The meeting was at- tended by the 100 strong FIA team as well as the advisory board members. It was an event for the ages, one of the best in the decade plus of existence of the FIA. The evening opened with the singing of devotional songs by all, followed by the traditional aarti. Richa Chand, Vice President invited Chairman and Founder President Sunil Shah, Current President Vinita Gulabani, Founder Member and Past President Onkar Singh Sanga Neil Khot to the dais. and called the meeting to Order. She called upon the Chairman and Founder President, Sunil Shah to address the meeting. Chairman and Founder President, Sunil Shah wel- comed the members and their guests in his opening remarks and mentioned about the growth of FIA and services done in this year and thanked every member for their contribu- tion towards the success of the FIA and its activi- ties during the year. Vinita Gulabani, President of FIA 2023, spoke to the gathered members thanking them for their efforts through the events of the year that were organized, taking the FIA to new heights scaled, setting a higher bar compared to previous years and the achievements dur- ing the year 2023. Founder Member and Past President Onkar Sanga spoke about the expectations that the community has from FIA, and Past President Neil Khot spoke about the democratic functioning of the FIA reiterating the fact that the FIA is committed to its core values of serving the community. FIA TEAM 2024 will be spearheaded by Incoming President Pratibha Jairath strongly supported by 100+ members (each one a leader) comprising of Execu- tive Board Members, Directors & Advi- sory Board Members. • Founder President Sunil Shah then announced Team 2024 • Incoming President 2024: Pratibha Jairath • Executive Vice Presidents: Altaf Bukhari and Anu Malhotra • Vice Presidents: Richa Chand, Sonia Luther, Mukesh Shah, Chandini Du- vuri , Murugesh Kasilingam and Jessie Singh • Treasurer: Suresh Bodiwala • General Secretary: Nilabh Dubey • Joint Treasurer: Vaishal Talati Joint Secretary: Falguni Sukhadia • Cultural Secretary: Pika Munshi Joint Cultural Secretary: Priyanka Parekh A Public Relations and Communica- tions team comprising Abir Maru, Harry Sidhu, Kamlesh Kapoor &VijayMurali- daran has been added to the executive committee for the year. A new Disciplinary Committee was proposed and accepted. The Committee members are Keerthi Reevori, Mukesh Shah. Sunil Shah, Neil Khot, Vinita Gula- bani, and Pratibha Jairath. Given fantastic growth and anticipated future growth, it was recommended to have a position of Vice- Chairman. Past President Neil Khot’s name was proposed as Vice Chairman of FIA by Chairman and Founder Presidentt Sunil Shah & was seconded by current President, Vinita Gulabani. The proposal was passed by unanimous consent of the entire Execu- tive and Board of Directors. The Board of Directors For the year : Aisha Ahmed, Ajanta Talukdar, Anita Beri, Anil Sharma, Anshul Bindal, Anu Sidhu, Archana Agrawal, AshimaWashington, Ashwani Mahajan, Bharat Malhotra, Bob Bhavesh Patel, CA Jaspreet Kharbanda, Chandni Kalra, Chetan Notaria, Chetan Patel, Chintan Patel, Deepa, Digna Patel, Dr. Raj Dhingra, Falguni Rana, Falguni Sukhadia, Ganesh Kar, Geetanjali Maru, Hansal Patel, Harry Mohan, Hemendra Shah, Hitesh Patel, Ila Chaudhary, Jas- karan Dhaliwal, Jayshree Pandya, Jitendra Bulsara, Kamlesh Kapoor, Kaveeta Rawla, Kavitha Rao, Keerthi Reevori, Kashif Khan, Kiran Palla, Krishna Karaikonda, Lakhinder Sharma, Lakhvir Sahota, Leenna Chouddhary, Lopa Mudra Das, Madhu Up- pal, Mamta Agarwal, Mamta Taparia, Manen Kothari, Manoj Pote ,Manoj Rathod, Nilam Jai, Nirav Patel, Nipun Joshi, Padma, Payel Roy Ganguly, Pinal Shah, Pradeep Singh, Pratik Desh- pande, Raj Pillai, Ramesh Nair, Ravi Tokala, Rita Shah, RN, Ruchi Dabral, RV, Sam, Satish Patel, Sharad Caudhary, Sharda Jain, Shirley Kalvakota, Smitesh Shah, Subbu Iyer, Suchitra Kukreja, Sudhir Agrawal, Sumit Singh, Sunny Kular, Sunny Patel, Swap- nil Sahu, Swati Kukian, Venkat Talari, Vibha Rajput, Vidya Joshi, Vijay Muralidharan, Vik Kalvani, Yagnesh Patel A special announcement was made regarding the recognition of Sunil Shah being given a Lifetime Achievement award and Neil Khot being given the Volunteer Award by the Lions club under the aus- pices of the President of the United States of America. The program then followed with live entertainment by Swapnil Sahu, Jitendra Bulsara, Payel Ganguly, Pratibha Jairath and Pinky Thakkar, and dinner catered by India Foodie Lounge. We wish the new team all the best for the year 2024. By FIA-CHICAGO Photos:courtesyFIA-Chicago Attendees at the FIA Chicago annual meeting and Diwali celebration Seen in picture right to left, Pratibha Jairath : Incoming President 2024; Rita Shah : Director Sunil Shah : Chairman & Founder President;Vinita Gulabani : President;Neil Khot : Vice Chairman;Richa Chand : Vice President Executives of FIA-Chicago.