Desi Talk

For many Naperville families, their home is their primary investment. And when property values decrease, school districts suffer, spending in town shrinks, and Naperville becomes a less sought-after community—putting that primary investment at risk. “Our local elected leaders must understand that the decisions they make have a direct effect on home values and the future of Naperville families.” Nag Jaiswal will protect our property values, keep our community safe and encourage economic growth to help preserve what makes Naperville a destination. Naperville families are hurting from inflation, a lagging economy, and rising costs right now. That makes protecting our homeowners’ investment even more urgent. Nag Jaiswal will use his 30 years of senior leadership and entrepreneur background to encourage economic growth to maintain our status as a premier place to do businesses—incentivizing innovation and minimizing the barriers to entry for new businesses. Our city is at a crossroads right now. The future of our city depends on this election. That’s why we need to vote for Nag Jaiswal so he can preserve what makes Naperville a destination for homeowners, prospective families, and new businesses while keeping our neighborhoods safe. N AG J AISWAL . COM ELECTION DAY: TUES, APRIL 4 EARLY VOTING: MARCH 20 - APRIL 3 /NAG.JAISWAL March 17, 2023 32 DESI TALK