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March 17, 2023 2 DESI TALK BEST TABLE GAMES NEWEST SLOTS SPORTSBOOK & BAR Must be 21. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537), or text “support” to 53342. 1 W NEW YORK ST. • AURORA, IL 60506 HOLLYWOODCASINOAURORA.COM New my choice ® Rewards members can sign up with an email and get $25 FREE SLOTPLAY ® ! SurenSampat (NMLS ID # 220469 ( AL:57666GA:40588 IL:031.0003671 IN:22986 IA:22326KS:LO.0029828KY:MC98244MD:29003MN:MLO-220469ND:NDMLO220469VA:MLO-18020VAWA:MLO-220469WI:220469) and LinaSurendrakumarSampat (NMLS ID # 1236869 ( AR:118264 AZ:0940773CA:CA-DBO1236869DC:MLO1236869FL:LO44703 IL:031.0042619MA:MLO1236869MI:1236869MO:MO-1236869NJ:251729NC:I-174002NY:1236869OH:1236869PA:73530SC:MLO -1236869TN:222095TX:1236869UT:12824144WA:MLO-1236869) are agents ofDraper andKramerMortgageCorp. (NMLS:2551) an IllinoisResidential .PSUHBHF-JDFOTFFMPDBUFEBU 0QVT1MBDF4VJUF %PXOFST(SPWF*- "-$POTVNFS$SFEJU-JDFOTF/P "3-JDFOTFEBTB.PSUHBHF#BOLFS#SPLFS4FSWJDFSXJUIUIF"SLBOTBT4FDVSJUJFT%FQBSUNFOU/P ";.BJO0ˎDF-JDFOTFEBTB.PSUHBHF#BOLFSXJUIUIF"SJ[POB%FQBSUNFOUPG'JOBODJBM*OTUJUVUJPOT/P $"-JDFOTFECZUIF%FQBSUNFOUPG#VTJOFTT0WFSTJHIUVOEFSUIF$BMJGPSOJB3FTJEFOUJBM.PSUHBHF-FOEJOH"DU-JDFOTF/P %$.PSUHBHF-FOEFS-JDFOTF/P.-# '--JDFOTFEBTB.PSUHBHF-FOEFSCZUIF0ˎDFPG'JOBODJBM3FHVMBUJPO/P.-% ("(FPSHJB3FTJEFOUJBM.PSUHBHF-JDFOTFF -JDFOTFEBTB.PSUHBHF-FOEFSCZ theDepartmentofBankingandFinanceNo.34290. IL: IllinoisResidentialMortgageLicenseeNo.MB.0004263 -Licensedby theDepartmentofFinancialandProfessionalRegulation,MortgageBankingDivision,100WestRandolph,9thFloor,Chicago, IL60601, (888)473-4858. IN:LicensedasaFirstLienMortgageLenderby theDepartmentofFinancial InstitutionsNo.11027;LicensedasaSecondLienMortgageLenderby theDepartmentofFinancial InstitutionsNo.9645. IA:MortgageBankerLicenseNo .2003-0201.KS: MortgageCompanyLicenseNo .MC.0025376.KY :MortgageCompanyLicenseNo .MC21109.MA :MortgageLenderLicenseNo .ML2551.MD :LicensedasaMortgageLenderby the $PNNJTTJPOFSPG'JOBODJBM3FHVMBUJPO/P .* TU.PSUHBHF#SPLFS-FOEFS4FSWJDFS-JDFOTF/P'3 OE.PSUHBHF#SPLFS-FOEFS/P43 ./3FTJEFOUJBM.PSUHBHF0SJHJOBUPS-JDFOTF/P./.0 3FTJEFOUJBM.PSUHBHF4FSWJDFS-JDFOTF/P./.4 5IJTJTOPUBOPˋFSUPFOUFSJOUPBOJOUFSFTUSBUFMPDLBHSFFNFOU underMinnesota law.MO :MissouriCompanyRegistration,LicenseNo .17-2341.ND :MoneyBrokerLicenseNo .MB100968.NJ: LicensedbyNJDepartmentofBankingand Insurance.NC:LicensedasaMortgageLenderby theCommissionerofBanksNo .L-127787.NY: LicensedMortgageBanker—NYSDepartmentofFinancialServices:LMB109665. OH:MortgageBrokerActMortgageBankerExemptionMBMB .850126.000.PA :DraperandKramerMortgageCorp.,LicenseNo.32844.Licensedby theDepartmentofBankingandSecurities.SC:Licensedby theBureauofFinancial InstitutionsMortgageLender/ServicerLicenseNo .MLS-2551.TN :MortgageLicenseNo .109409.TX: DraperandKramer .PSUHBHF$PSQ/.-4*% 65-JDFOTFEBTB%3&.PSUHBHF&OUJUZr-JDFOTF ˌSTUNPSUHBHFTPOMZ 7" -JDFOTFEBTB.PSUHBHF-FOEFSCZUIF7JSHJOJB4UBUF$PSQPSBUJPO$PNNJTTJPO/P.$ /.-4*%/P XXXONMTDPOTVNFSBDDFTTPSH 8" -JDFOTFECZUIF%FQBSUNFOUPG'JOBODJBM*OTUJUVUJPOTVOEFSUIF$POTVNFS-PBO"DU No .CL-2551.WI :MortgageBankerLicenseNo.27389BA.©2022DraperandKramerMortgageCorp.AllRightsReserved.01983-1411/2022. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY Suren Sampat NMLS ID #220469 SVP of Residential Lending 1431 Opus Place, Suite 200, Downers Grove, IL 60515 CALL US FOR YOUR HOME MORTGAGE PURCHASE OR REFINANCE QUOTE! 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