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DESI TALK January 8, 2021 25 Paid For & Produced In-House by Dan Quart For NYC A lifelong New Yorker, Dan grew up in Washington Heights in a working class, union family. His father, Irving, taught in a public school for 41 years. Dan’s mother, Madeline, is a longtime social worker at a Manhattan public school. Dan has long been dedicated to his community. After graduating from SUNY Binghamton and then St. John's School of Law, he volunteered as a pro bono attorney in the Legal Aid Society’s civil division, fighting on behalf of rent-controlled and -stabilized tenants facing unjust eviction. Dan is also a practicing criminal defense attorney representing clients – mostly low-income people – who have been swept up into the criminal justice system because of policies that criminalize poverty. Outside of the courtroom, Dan has devoted his career to public service. He served on his local community board for eight years prior to running for State Assembly in the 73rd District of New York, which encompasses the Upper East Side, Midtown East, Turtle Bay and Sutton Place. As an elected official, Dan secured $1 billion to restart construction on 2 nd Avenue subway stops stalled due to funding shortages, among other important accomplishments for his district. Dan and his wife, Miriam, reside on the Upper East Side and are the proud parents of two children, Sam and Gabby. Why Dan Is Running For New York County District Attorney DAs wield tremendous influence, including the ability to strip a person of their liberty. Dan believes we should ask “does this make us safer?” before making any difficult decision, including the decision to take someone away from their family and out of their community. Without sacrificing public safety, Dan will prioritize restorative justice, community-based solutions, and diversion programs. If elected District Attorney, Dan’s office would take a “de-carceral” approach and fight to restore communities – specifically communities of color – that have been devastated by over-policing, the criminalization of poverty, and the “war on drugs.” Dan has a proven record of accomplishment in Albany, with a passion for criminal justice reform guiding his work. When New Yorkers were being arrested and prosecuted for carrying a common work tool misinterpreted as a gravity knife, Dan fought for seven years to repeal the outdated law, successfully guiding the legislation into law in 2019. Dan also wrote a bill to greatly limit campaign contributions DA candidates can accept from criminal defense attorneys to prevent conflicts of interest. Guided by his experience as a pro-bono and criminal defense attorney, Dan has made criminal justice reform the central goal of his agenda in Albany. After witnessing the harmful effects the failings of our justice system had on New Yorkers, particularly people of color and low-income individuals, he introduced legislation that would seek to end cash bail, fairly compensate exonerees, and reform the ACD process. Now he seeks to do the same as Manhattan District Attorney. ASTROLOGY This week for you By Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma E-mail: Contact No - 01147033152/40532026 ARIES: You are likely to add to your repu- tation on the professional front by volunteering for something challenging. Getting into a better salary grade is possible for some. You will be successful in getting something you wanted on the academic front. Your ac- tive lifestyle will ensure that you remain fit and energetic. A trip is in the offing, so pack your bags and enjoy. TAURUS: Getting deeply involved with someone on the romantic front cannot be ruled out for some. Shifting to a better accommoda- tion is indicated for some. Office politics threaten to get the better of you, so remain guarded. Things may go on a down- swing on the academic front and get you all tensed up. Keep your financial position un- der wraps. GEMINI: You will be able to impress all and sundry on the professional front. Performing well on the academic front is a foregone conclusion. Your cost cutting measures are likely to benefit you a lot. Maintaining a bal- anced diet may begin to show on your body earlier than expected. Disagreements and arguments threaten to spoil the domestic atmosphere. CANCER : Professional excellence is likely to keep you on the forefront at work. You are likely to get the bet- ter of someone who is envious of your success. Financially, you will remain comfortable and even take a chance to splurge. An active lifestyle adopted by you will suit you perfectly in remaining fit. Hectic activities on the social front may up- set your personal schedule. LEO: The only way to remain financially sound is by being judicious in your spending. Adopting a diet that suits your lifestyle prom- ises to keep you fit. Backlog may need to be cleared at work quickly in order to catch up with the current issues on the professional front. Patience will be required on the academic front to choose the best op- tions. VIRGO: You will manage to remain finan- cially sound by being judicious in your spending. Adopting a diet that suits your lifestyle promises to keep you fit as a fiddle. Back- log may need to be cleared at work quickly in order to catch up with the current issues on the professional front. Patience will be re- quired on the academic front to choose the best options. LIBRA: Lagging behind in something that is important may make you burn the midnight oil. You may get your chance to enjoy the revelry in a social event. Lover may have reservations regarding spending time in se- clusion, but your will is likely to prevail! An interesting individual is likely to keep you entertained. SCORPIO: You will get a chance to tap your potential on the professional front and impress those who matter. A social event may find you in your element and promises to make you ever so popular! Money can be expected as gift. A better pay package is assured for those switching jobs. You are certain to at- tract someone on the romantic front. SAGITTARIUS: You are likely to make your mark on the academic front. Developing better understanding with someone who is now associ- ated with you will be most ben- eficial. Someone from the opposite camp is likely to get enamoured by your personal- ity and charisma. Inculcate more activity in your life to remain fit. CAPRICORN: Efforts to keep a step ahead of rivals on the professional front will be successful. Impressing those who matter at work will not be difficult. Judicious spend- ing will help you save much on the financial front. You may be much sought after in a marriage or social function. Keeping all ail- ments at bay may become your mantra and ensure total fitness. AQUARIUS : Practical knowledge gained by hands on experience at work will come in handy. Good grades can be expected by those await- ing result on the academic front. Home remedy or alternate medicine will help you in getting rid of an ailment. Getting to spend less time with family may frustrate you, but you will manage to cope with it. PISCES: Your fertile mind is likely to throw up some excellent ideas that promise to put you in a special category on the professional front. You may be exempted from spending money on something you were dreading. Much hustle and bustle can be expected on the social front to your delight! A relationship that you are terming as ro- mance may only be infatuation.             Place Your Classified ads 24/7