Desi Talk

DESI TALK October 16, 2020 3 1) VOTE FROM HOME. Check the deadline to request a ballot and where to return it on or before November 3. 2) VOTE EARLY. Find the dates and locations for voting early in-person to avoid crowds and long lines. 3) VOTE SAFELY ON NOVEMBER 3. Check where to vote, as your usual polling place may not be open. Wear a mask, bring ID if required, and sanitize afterwards. AARP ISMAKINGSURE YOUKNOW YOUROPTIONS FORVOTINGSAFELY FROMHOMEOR IN-PERSON. This election year is different. But don’t let that stop you from voting and making your voice heard. There’s a lot at stake this year, like strengthening Social Security and Medicare, lowering drug prices, and protecting the health of you and your family. Your vote. Your voice. Learn your options for voting safely, local deadlines, and more at