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PruthvirajKandepiKilled InCincinnatiBankShooting $6.5Million Award ICCTrophy Unveiled September14, 2018 Chicago, IL Vol.XVIII,No.37 Publishedby Parikh Worldwide Media, LLC. community c o l o r s '2+2'Spells 'Equal' PAGE 13 PAGE 27 PAGE 6 PAGE 3 FromcreatingaHindu 'angel investor'group,towriting in 'cool' language forcontemporaryyouth, the3-dayconference inChicago featuredhigh-profileattendeesandoutlinedseveralglobal initiatives World Hindu Congress 2018 31EGAP ® OGACIHCNI CHW To advertise in Desi Talk Chicago News India Times Gujarat Times call: 773 856 3445 773 856 0545 VISHAL K. CHHABRIA- IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY Experienced&Affordable Immigration Law Firm FreeConsultations7daysaweek. Offices inChicagonearbyDevonAve, Schaumburg, IL,and Lake Forest, IL Specializing in Family-Based ImmigrationPetitions, EmploymentBased-ImmigrationPetitions, AsylumApplications,Requests for Evidence,Naturalization&Citizenship,Appeals,andmuchmore.. Contact:773-431-0452•• UniversityOf IllinoisResearchersDevelopGelForRapidEye InjuryDetection PAGE 10 IndiaFest InMilwaukee PAGE 19 PAGE 6 PAGE 12 Himalayan Journey ® INCHICAGO September7, 2018 Chicago, IL Vol.XVIII,No.36 Published by Parikh Worldwide Media, LLC. community c o l o r s Chalo India2018 TheAugust28partyprimaries inArizona andFloridaholdouthope thatmore Indian-Americanscouldget electedtopublicoffice inNovember Primary Victories PAGE 3 ® NEWS INDIA TIMES PublishedWeeklyByParikhWorldwideMediaLLC,NewYork.Vol.L.No.1 60Cents,January4,2019 Find us on: AVeryHappyNewYearToAllOurReaders News IndiaTimeshighlightspeopleandevents in2018,andwhat2019mayhold for Indian-Americans Looking Back, Going Forward VISION OF ASIA AVAILABLEON:SPECTRUM (TIMEWARNER) ,ALTICE (OPTIMUM)ANDRCN Watch on ITVGOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday8:00PM& 11:00PM ET Sunday 11AM ET Published from New York and Chicago International Registration # 1 384 667 No. 36 January 4, 2019 Published by ParikhWorldwideMedia, LLC ωø‹ Á_‰÷ 2075 ‹Î√Áfl ‰ÿ «˙ÿ ‹_√· ∞‰fi ÀˇVÀ— fi΋ ±fiı ¿‹˝◊Ì ›Îı√Ì ÿı‰«_ÿ¤Î¥fi˘ Áı‰Î›iÎ ÿıÂfi˘ Á˙◊Ì ·Î_⁄˘ flı·-fl˘Õ Ï⁄˛… «ÌfifiÌ ⁄˘ÕÛflı ’ˢӫÂı— fiflıLƒ ‹˘ÿÌ ’Îfi_ 24 Áfl÷‹Î_ Ï’÷ÎfiÌ »hλΛΠ√‹Î‰fiÎfl 261 ÿÌ¿fḻ˘fi˘ Ω…fl‹Îfi ·Bfi˘IÁ‰ ›˘Ω›˘ (Œ˘À Á˙…L›— Ï‹÷ı ’Àı·) Watch on ITVGOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM& 11:00 PM ET Sunday 11 AM ET ’Îfi_ S17 ¿ıÏ’ÀÎı·ÏË·‹Î_ ±fiı¿ ¤Îfl÷Ì›- ±‹ıÏfl¿fiÎıfiÌ ÀÎı«fiÎ ËÎıÿ˚α˘ ’fl Ïfi›„@÷ ’Îfi_ 4 XX .loV 00.1$ Âø‰Îfl,÷Î.4Ω› L ±ÎÌ fl,2019 C RAJUG.www moc.ASUSEMITTA 52 _ fiÎ’ NOISIV M R LA 3 n oi tp ir csb us sr a ey $111 SA FO EMI T( MURT CEPS :NO ELBA LI AVA A I NCR DN A )MUMI TPO( ECI TLA , )RENR AW RE F F O A ICE P S 6 RO n oi tp ir csb us s ra ey $211 bircsbus F C oF moc.asusemittarajug@e :liamE 4267-576-212 :xa 5157-576-212 :lla noitamrofni erom r 9348357 Patel Insurance 847-847-2090 837 E. 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