CLASSIFIED Matrimonial FEMALE Matrimonial FEMALE Matrimonial MALE Matrimonial MALE Savannah, GA Gujarati Parents invites correspondence for their son, 25 years, 6" doing his own business from well cultured family oriented Gujarati girl. Contact with recent photo and Bio-data. Email: 863-968-3654 11/30-12/21 SD Hyderabadi, Sunni Muslim boy, 26/5' 11", graduate from Hyderabad, seeks bride, educated with good family values. Call: 646-397-3374 11/30-2/22/19-SH Gujarati 70+ years retired professional, very active, healthy, well settled seeking an educated, active, honest, family oriented Hindu lady/Life-Partner 60+ yrs. Please, email bio-data with recent photo t o or Call 910-431-5378 11/09-11/30 SD Gujarati Vaishnav parents from NJ seeking Gujarati educated girl for their son - US born 30yrs, 5' 8", Sr.Civil Engineer NJ Govt. Other Hindu Caste No Bar. Girl should be in USA/Canada min 3yrs. Email biodata/photos: 11/30-JG NJ Based US Citizen Patel boy, 39 yrs, MBA, CFA VP in Bank, Non smoker, divorced with 5 yr old child invite alliance from well educated Bride. Email: (412) 736-0598 11/16-12/07-SL Matrimonial FEMALE DESIMATCHES.NET FREE REGISTRATION FREE MEMBERSHIP SINGLE MINGLE EVENTS 11/30-12/21 SH Gujarati family invites matrimonial correspondence for US-born established Engineer daughter 31/ 5' 3" slim, humble. Send a photo with bio-data to 11/16-12/07 SS To advertise in Matrimonial section Call: 773-856-3445 30 November 30, 2018 Sikh Parents looking for suitable match for their 30 yrs/US Citizen son. IT Pofessional and settled in New York. Email bio/photo to: 11/30 55 years sincere and honest working woman looking for a decent well settled single gentleman. Caste no Bar. Call (347) 441 9575 11/16-12/07 SL Seeking well placed professional, settled in Atlanta for a 35 yr old/ 5' 3". Well settled Attorney in Atlanta. Please email bio-data with recent photographs to: 11/23-12/14 SH SIKH FAMILY INVITE ALLIANCE FOR THEIR NIECE 33 yrs, Green Card holder Alabama Based looking for decent, family oriented Sikh boy. Send Bio-data / photo : / (256) 702 7424. 11/16-12/14 SL An affluent Hindu-Punjabi US citizen family seeks match for daughter: 27/5’4”, slim, pretty, fair, family oriented. Medical assistant. Biodata, photos to: 10/12-12/28 JG Pharmacist daughter , born 1992, 5' 5", South Indian, Tamil speaking, East/West values; seeking boy from professional background. Caste no bar. (516) 338-4131 leave message. Email bio / recent photo to: 11/30 SH Gujarati Brahmin family seeking Hindu male USA /Canada; for slim, beautiful daughter, 26/ 5’6”, educated in English medium, excellent communi- cation skills, well-cultured & raised w/ Hindu family values, working as phys- iotherapist doctor (HOD) . Bio/photo: 813-504-8109. 11/30-12/28 SH GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, slim, beautiful, 35 years/5' - 5' 3", doctor. Please email bio data & recent photograph: 11/30-12/21 SL Our four newspapers, digital magazine and TV Channel would enable you to reach over 200,000 readers from Print plus 250,000 viewers from TV Channel in the US from sep- arate niche markets within the Indian American community, most of whom would be your target audience. This would be the highest among all Indian American newspapers published in the US. , At one convenient place Call for more details: 212-675-7515 / 718-784-8555 / 773-856-3445 Target different markets 5 MATRIMONIAL MATCHES