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May 8, 2015
By a Staff Writer
aura Moynihan was
15 when she first
went to India, and
her admiration and
love for the country,
which she says has grown deeper
with each passing year, was evi-
dent last week at an event at the
Indian Consulate here.
Moynihan, 55, an author,
actress, singer and fashion
designer, is the daughter of late
NewYork Sen. Daniel Patrick
Moynihan, who served as the
United States Ambassador to
India, from 1973 to 1975.
Speaking on “Inspiration India:
What makes it a Superpower,” at
the Media IndiaWomanity Series,
hosted by the consulate,
Moynihan spoke about the
ancient Vedic world, religion, cul-
ture, democracy and other social
aspects of India that make it a
super power.
She took the audience on a
personal journey and described
how she felt that she belonged to
India. “I was just 15 when I went
to India and instantly fell in love
with the country and dived into it.
I was drawn to everything
Indian,” she told the audience.
“I’m still madly in love with
It is the rise of the vast middle
class that makes India a real super
power, she noted. Shah Rukh
Khan, a middle class Muslim boy
fromDelhi,” who rules the world
today is a symbol of India’s super
power, she said.
However she was quick to
point out that the term super-
power should not be equated to
military superpower.
The superpower she is refer-
ring to is India’s culture power,
awhich has “multiple perspec-
tives,” she said.
Dr. Sudhir M. Parikh, publisher
of Desi Talk and recipient of
India’s Padma Shri award, who
attended the April 21 talk,
described it as “very enlighten-
ing.” Moynihan, a highly qualified
and educated person, talked
about how India is a superpower
in various ways and citied exam-
ples to support her theory, Dr.
Parikh said.
Earlier, Consul General
Dnyaneshwar Mulay welcomed
the audience and noted that this
year’s lecture series was dedicated
to women as a mark of respect
and to recognize their pre-emi-
nent role in the world, a consulate
press release aid.
Moynihan has worked for
many years as a refugee consult-
ant in India and Nepal. Andy
Warhol launched her musical
career and placed her on the cov-
eted cover of Interviewmagazine.
She has previously worked as a
reporter for the NewYork Post’s
“Page Six” gossip column and has
acted in films like “Broadcast
News”(1987), “The Bostonians
“(1984) and “Slaves of NewYork”
(1989). Her first collection of fic-
tion, Yoga Hotel, was a
Washington Post bestseller, while
“Cover Girl,” her first novel,
blended reality and fiction that
draws from her own adventures
as aWarhol Girl and fromworking
with Tibetan refugees in Asia.
She speaks fluent Hindi and
Urdu and some Tibetan and
Writer, Actress Maura Moynihan Talks About her Love for India
Peter Ferreira
Peter Ferreira
Author, actress, singer and fashion
designer, Maura Moynihan talks about
her love for India and the country’s rise
as a superpower, at a lecture series
hosted by the Consulate General of India
in New York, April 21, as Consul General
Dnyaneshwar Mulay, looks on.
Above, Moynihan with Dr. Sudhir M.
Parikh, publisher of Desi Talk and recipi-
ent of India’s Padma Shri award, Mulay
and guests. Below left, audience at the
event. Below right, Moynihan addresses
the audience at the consulate.
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