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May 8, 2015
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ARIES: You are likely to realise that inter-
viewing is not an easy job. The
company of family friends will
keep you in a happy & relaxed
mood. Improvement in finances is cer-
tain. You are likely to enjoy a pleasure
trip that will rejuvenate your passions.
Your enormous confidence would help
in enjoying a healthy life. Small journey
with your office colleagues will be inter-
esting. There are chances of getting
good amount from an older property of
TAURUS: Lack of communication skills
will force to suffer at work-
place. Parental guidance in
your decision would
immensely help. Speculation coupled
with some unexpected gains improves
financial health. Romantic entangle-
ment would add spice to your happi-
ness. A very healthy week filled with
happiness & vitality. Your boss may ask
you for your company to a friend’s party.
GEMINI: Auspicious week to start a new
venture. A week when misun-
derstandings at family front
are sorted out with ease. A
new source of income will generate
through influential contacts. Chances of
your love life turning into life-long bond
are high on the card. Pleasure trip would
help in maintaining sound health in this
week. Travel plan with a colleague might
lead to a new relationship.
CANCER: Professional attitude at work
brings success. Believe it or
not someone in the family is
watching you closely and con-
siders you a role model. Better to ignore
those who come for temporary loans to
you in this week. Exciting week as your
long pending wait for affirmation is
going to materialize. Yoga and medita-
tion would help in keeping in shape and
mentally agile. Time to think about your
investment plans, as investing residen-
tially might be profitable.
LEO: Seniors colleagues are likely to
lend a helping hand. An
important development at
personal front brings jubila-
tion for entire family. Investment made
in this week would enhance prosperity
and financial security. Enjoying the
company of partner in a lively restau-
rant would bring immense romantic
pleasure. Blessings of a saintly person
give peace of mind. Official journeys
prove to be more fruitful for you.
VIRGO: Hard work & dedication would
win the trust of seniors at
work. A happy time in the
company of friends and rela-
tives as they do many favours to you. An
improvement in financial position
would enable to make important pur-
chases. The presence of love would
make you feel life meaningful. Chances
of recovering from physical ailment are
LIBRA: Mental clarity would remove
past business confusions.
Enjoying the company of
close relatives will brighten
your evening. You are likely to earn
monetary profits through most unex-
pected sources. Love life brings some
memorable moments that you could
cherish rest of your life. Inexhaustible
energy enables to participate in outdoor
activities. You strive to mould orthodox
thinking to benefit you.
SCORPIO: Travel undertaken for estab-
lishing new contacts and busi-
ness expansion will be very
fruitful. Spend some relaxed
moments with family members. A sud-
den inflow of funds will take care of your
bills and immediate expenses. Your
flashing smile would work as the best
antidote for romantic partners unhappi-
ness. You attain a bloom in health on
sharing happiness with others.
SAGITTARIUS: Your artistic and creative
ability would attract a lot of
appreciation. Shopping with
family members will be highly
pleasurable and exciting. Monetary
position is likely to improve on recover-
ing of delayed payments. Sharing can-
dyfloss and toffees with lover/beloved
would bring unlimited joy. A cheerful
state of mind would allow enjoying the
perfect health.
CAPRICORN: A long pending decision
gets finalized at professional
front. You will be at the lime-
light in a social gathering pro-
vided you attend. Investment in
antiques & jewelry brings monetary
gains and improvement in financial
position. Company of love partner
would inspire to take initiatives in this
week. Divine knowledge from a saintly
person provides solace & comfort. An
interesting cruise ship is next place for
your vacation.
AQUARIUS: Plans for new ventures get
streamlined with the help of
seniors. You will be the star of
attraction of familys get-
together in this week. Long pending
arrears and dues will finally be recov-
ered. Love works like a panacea as you
find sanity. Meditation and yoga prove
beneficial for spiritual as well as physical
gains. Your highly developed intuition
would act as a guide to lead in a positive
PISCES: Female colleagues lend a help-
ing hand in completing
important assignments. Help
from family members would
take care of your needs. In this week
investment concerning residence will be
profitable. Love partner touches soul
that would take imagination to unlimit-
ed heights. A very healthy week when
your cheerfulness gives the desired tonic
and confidence. Time to relax and enjoy
your visit to a relatives place.
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