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April 3, 2015
The use of borders or different type
changes your classified advertisement
to display. They are limited to one
column. Rate $35 for one column inch.
Can accommodate up to 20 words in
one column inch.
The complete address and
telephone number of the advertiser
are required for Desi Talk’s records
prior to publishing an advertisement.
If you want to receive a copy of Desi
Talk in which your advertisement is
published please include an additional
charge of $2.00 per copy.
Desi Talk does not assume
responsibility for photographs sent to
advertisers or their response.
CLOSING DATE: Friday, one week
prior to publication.
Desi Talk
reserves the right not to
accept an advertiser’s order. No
telephone orders will be accepted. All
ads are subject to editing. Mailing of
any unsolicited material to our
advertiser is prohibited.
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Gujarati (Chh-Gam)
Patel parents
invite correspondence from well
educated Gujarati Hindu boy for US
citizen daughter 29 yrs. 5' 5'',
Bachelors in Biology, working at a
Send biodata, photo, and
Janmakshar at
Sunni Muslim Gujarati parents invited
alliance for educated daughter 26/5-5" fair
and slim, US citizen , Residing in NJ-USA ,
registered nurse (BSN) , looking for well
educated Gujarati Sunni muslim boy
(primarily from USA)
Please email photo and bio-data at
Tel: 732-548-1425
02/13 IQ
Gujarati, Bajkhedwal Brahmin Family
invites correspondence for their
unmarried son 38 / 170 cms, BS CHEM,
PR, vegetarian, working as “Analytical
Chemist” in TX USA.
Please send
Bio-data with latest photo: email :
/ Cell 301 250 3165
11/14 12/05 KJ
Sunni Muslim Gujarati family invites
correspondence for educated daughter
30/4-10\" fair and slim, US citizen,
Residing in PA-USA, Doctor, looking for
well educated Sunni Muslim boy who
has been in the U.S for some time.
Please email bio-data to:
04/03 IQ
Gujarati vaishnav parents invite
correspondence for their Indian born,
American raised son. Born Jan 1984,
5"10" U.S. citizen. BS Nursing, BS
Psychology/HR. Working as RN in
Looking for suitable American raised,
good cultured, vegetarian girl.
Please email recent picture w/ bio data
Tel: 732-485-7890
Gujarati Patel family invites
for their US born
highly educated professional daughter
36 yrs/5'3"/ slim beautiful family
oriented with east and west culture.
Ph : 732-648-4684
02/27 03/20 SD
Muslim Hyderabadi Parents
a match for their 26-year-old daughter
(5'7’), raised in Saudi Arabia/U.S.,
working in New York. Looking for a
settled Muslim guy who has been in
the U.S. for some time.
Please email biodata to:
03/13 IQ
Gujarat Leuva Patel family seeking
for their son 34/5'6", IT Business Analyst,
US Citizen from Gujarati good family girl.
Ph: 904-826-1700
(between 10 AM to 6 PM)
ask for Sudhaben.
01/30 02/20 SD
Gujarati parents invite correspondence
for their Indian born, American raised son.
Born May 1981, 5 “10” U.S. citizen. BS
Computer engineering and M.B.A.
Working as medical software consultant.
Looking for suitable Indian girl.
Please email recent picture with bio data
Tel: 614-707-7924
02/06 02/27
Gujarati Jain family invites
correspondence for U.S. Born
daughter, Pharmacist, 30/5'-2", from
U.S. raised professional. Email bio-
data with
recent photographs
02/20 03/13 SL
Gujarati Patel parents invite
matrimonial correspondence for their
son MD (practicing as a GI physician),
32 years,6" 1" from well educated
US citizen girl.
Send bio data with photos to
Ph: 361-739-4963
12/12 01/02 SD
INVITE Matrimonial correspondence
for their smart US educated (M.S.
Biotech) daughter from boys settled in
US. Daughter born in Feb 84, 5'4".
Please correspond with photo and
bio-data at
02/27 03/20 SL
Grab your
Free Copy
US born 27/5’3” beautiful Chicago
based Gujarati Vegetarian female
Pharmacist looking for US born,
handsome and well-educated male.
Email biodata and recent photo:
01/30 02/20
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