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April 3, 2015
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ARIES: Service people, artists and those
in creative field will get several
new opportunities. Evening
enjoyed with family and close
relatives brings immense pleasure.
Better to ignore those who come for
temporary loans to you in this week.
Use new but innovative methods to
catch the attraction of opposite sex.
Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for
spiritual as well as physical gains. Time
to make your vacation a dream come
TAURUS: Your greatest gains will come
through your creative ideas at
professional front. You are
likely to plan a short trip with
family. Investment in antiques & jewelry
brings monetary gains and improve-
ment in financial position. Your wit &
charmwould help in catching the atten-
tion of opposite sex. A very healthy week
when your cheerfulness gives the
desired tonic and confidence.
GEMINI: Don’t forget to take the assis-
tance of subordinates to
enable yourself to complete
pending work. Unexpected
visit by old friend could give you a pleas-
ant surprise. Long pending arrears and
dues will finally be recovered. Love part-
ner would be extremely supportive and
in a loving mood. You are likely to main-
tain good health that would also give
you success. Perfect getaway time for
you and your partner.
CANCER: At professional front, you will
have to go through some
strenuous schedule. Good
advice from family members
will help in reducing mental
tension/pressure. Investment concern-
ing residence will be profitable. A
romantic week as you receive all praises
from partner. A group of friends or your
partner is looking forward for a vacation
with you. A good deal on commercial
property might occur.
LEO: Success is certain provided you
work as a team. Sudden good
news in the evening will bring
cheers for the entire family.
Financial hassles seem to get over as
someone lends a timely helping hand.
You find pleasure and enjoy ecstasies of
love in the arms of partner. Make sure
your entertainment includes participa-
tion in outdoor activities. A leisure trip
will prove to be a premium time for you.
VIRGO: You will be on the seventh heav-
en when you receive recogni-
tion for your achievements at
work. Your efforts bring suc-
cess & happiness at family front. Be
secretive about your investments and
future goals. You enjoy a lovely time as
Cupid is on your side in this week. You
might get a chance for business trip,
which will help you in new connections.
You might deal in some ancestral prop-
erty or any other parental property.
LIBRA: Your creativity will amaze people
around you besides enhanc-
ing career prospects. You
achieve success in personal
work with the timely help & support
provided by family members. Promising
week to invest surplus money in real
estate.With a positive outlook & confi-
dence, you succeed in impressing peo-
ple around you. A deal regarding resi-
dential property can start moving on its
right path.
SCORPIO: New job opportunities for
some will be better than
expected. Misunderstandings
with near ones in the family
will get cleared. A sound financial health
would enable to invest on lucrative
schemes. Love companion will be eager
to meet you in this week. Mental alert-
ness would enable to solve a tricky
problem. Traveling overseas would be
an experience full of spark that enlight-
ens your imagination.
SAGITTARIUS: At work you are likely to
win appreciation and awards
for past efforts. Children
would do their best to keep
you happy. Your brilliant ideas would
help in bringing financial gains.
Proposing might benefit, as chances of
succeeding in love are high. Travel plans
for better communication will be help-
ful for new horizons. Planning a proper-
ty might explore new horizons for you
and your family.
CAPRICORN: Timely and swift action
would give an edge over oth-
ers at professional front. You
are likely to be benefited as
family members positively respond. A
promising week to earn profits in real
estate and financial transactions. Search
for a true romantic friend might end in
this week. Good time to divert attention
to spirituality to enhance mental tough-
ness. It is important to delve into your
desires before you plan to travel.
AQUARIUS: Colleagues and subordi-
nates will lend a helping hand
enabling to complete the work
on time. Parents and friends
will do their best to keep you happy. An
improvement in monetary position
makes it convenient to purchase essen-
tial items. A pleasure trip gives the
much-needed tonic to health. Business
or vacation traveling is what you needed
right now.
PISCES: Success in completing difficult
assignments brings a lot of
laurels at work. A promising
week to plan things for your
progeny. Long-term investment would
enable to make substantial gains.
Romance is likely to intensify through
recreational activities & entertainment.
Cutting down the number of parties and
pleasure jaunts would help in keeping in
good mood. Implementation of new
ideas to travel will be beneficiary for you
on work front.
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