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By Sunthar Visuvalingam
overnment Technology
Foundation, formed on
the initiative of Iyka CEO
marked its official launch
at downtown Tech Nexus March
26. At a panel discussion on “How
Partnerships and Collaboration
will drive the Future of Technology
Innovation,” Consul General of
India Ausaf Sayeed addressed the
high-tech event attended by tech-
nology leaders from government,
corporate enterprises, and acade-
mia, including several chief infor-
mation officers. Rich Niemiec,
president of Oracle Consulting,
gave a dense, boldly speculative
presentation on “Innovation and
the Acceleration of Technology.”
Krishnan delivered her
founder’s address and co-chair
Ellen Rozelle Turner underlined
GTF’s objectives and its focus on
minorities and women. Based on
public-private partnership, GTF’s
mission is to use innovative tech-
nologies to help streamline gov-
ernment expenditure and reduce
time to implementation in mis-
sion critical public service
“India’s contribution to global
innovation is ‘zero’,” Sayeed
recounted noting the number crit-
ical to the development of mathe-
matics. India had made pioneer-
ing achievements in math, sci-
ence, technology, astronomy,
medicine, education, etc. he said.
Contemporary India, a “young
nation” where every third person
is a youth and even the illiterate
are taking to the Internet in multi-
plying numbers, is reclaiming its
ancient status and the national
goal is “no imports whatsoever of
digital technology,” Sayeed said.
Cook County Commissioner
Robert Steele described the signifi-
cance of GTF as a think tank that
could partner in initiatives, given
the growing role of technology
platforms and social media in the
current changing environment
within which government oper-
ates and offers services.
Speaking on behalf of Cook
County President Toni
Preckwinkle, Chief Procurement
Officer Shannon Andrews under-
lined that Preckwinkle places pri-
ority on procurement to upgrade
antiquated systems.
JimTreleaven, GTF board of
directors, university relations, and
Mrinalini Laxminarayanan, chair
of technology committee, awards,
introduced GTF’s program, which
includes awards, annual TIS and
memberships. Universities would
be the third leg of such public-pri-
vate partnerships, Treleaven said.
Amina Elahi, reporter for
Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky
Innovation, moderated a panel
comprised Cook County CIO
Simona Rollinson, Lake County
CIO Kirk Talbott, City of Chicago’s
Department of Innovation and
Technology managing deputy CIO
Carmen Sandu, University of
Illinois in Chicago CIO Cynthia
Herrera Lindstrom and regional
sales director of AST Corporation
Rick A. McGaughy. Panelists
broached a diversity of issues:
aversion to risk and misspent
money; providing enthusiastic stu-
dents access to application pro-
gramming interfaces (API) so that
they can try to do things better;
providing engaging work to the
talented to retain staff retention;
(formal) project management
methodologies; and ensuring sub-
ject matter expertise.
Sandu said Mayor Emanuel
wants to make Chicago a techno-
logical hub while focusing on
minorities and women. Rollinson
said private enterprises can also
learn from government. Talbott
insisted that government is several
years behind the private sector
and proposed opening up other-
wise wasted funds to new ideas
from vendors.
In his closing remarks, Regional
Transport Authority CIO Arnold
Crater, emphasized that technolo-
gy must remain transparent to end
He underlined the fundamental
difference between private and
public sector. One offers discount-
ed services for the public good and
the other targets maximum prof-
Among the special guests were
also Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the
Circuit Court Cook County;
regional director General Services
Administration Ann Kalayil; chief
procurement officer for City of
Chicago Jamie Rhee; and CIO at
Cook County Clerk of the Circuit
Court Bridget Dancy.
– that’s all you need to know
April 3, 2015
Government Technology Foundation Heralds Innovation at Launch
From Chicago Bureau
– OSWEGO, Ill.
bout 800 aficionados
came to watch more than
100 students perform at
the “BharatamDance Showcase
2015” here at Oswego East High
School Auditorium, March 28.
The annual event showcases
young talent under training at
artistic director Vanitha
Veeravalli’s BharatamDance
Academy. Emceed by Sutikshna
Veeravalli, who introduced each
piece and its notations, per-
formances ranged from begin-
ner to the highest professional
Starting with “Ganesha
Kavuttuvam,” in praise of the
elephant-headed god of auspi-
cious beginnings, dancers in dif-
ferent age groups presented
items in order of difficulty and
skill. Beginners demonstrated
adavu, building blocks of dance
in Aarambham.
GuruVanitha performed the
“Rajarajeshwari” ashtakam,
depicting the many forms of the
Goddess. Joined by Annu
Mutholam, a senior student of
Bharatam academy, the duo dis-
played complex and vibrant
footwork in captivating poses.
Drawing inspiration from
Hindu mythology, students pre-
sented alarippu, a progression
of movement and complexity;
jatiswaram combining jati with
swaram; and “Arpuda
Narpanam,” in praise of
Ganesha. Intermediate level
dancers presented a shabdam in
praise of Lord Muruga, followed
by Swarajati, an interplay of
melodic notes based on korvai
or adavu patterns. A group of
moms presented
“Kanchadalayadakshi,” a dance
in praise of goddess Kamakshi
whose intoxicating eyes capti-
vate Lord Shiva.
Bharatamani Ankita Nathan,
who had her arangetram last
year, presented “Gummana
Karayadire,” a delightful piece
on Lord Krishna. Varnam, in
praise of the Goddess, was the
longest piece in classic Bharata
Natyam style, followed by
“Margata Manimaya,” another
composition dedicated to
Krishna. Bharatmani Madhavi
Ramakrishnan then presented
“Kanden Seethayai,” a depiction
of Sita in Ramayana from her
arangetram. “Bho Shambho” in
praise of Lord Shiva was fol-
lowed by the loudly cheered
Tillana, an intense expression of
pure dance and choreographic
patterns. The final “Charishnu”
explored the harmony of dance
movements and showcased the
confidence and sound training
of these senior dancers.
Finally, the entire Bharatam
community of more than 100
students and GuruVanitha
assembled onstage to render an
auspicious finale, the man-
galam, a synchronized saluta-
tion to the “Lord of Dance”
Government Technology Foundation marked its official launch at downtown Tech Nexus
March 26. Above, participants in the innovation panel pose with GTF co-chair Ellen
Rozelle Turner, far left, and GTF founder Poonam Gupta-Krishnan, far right, after
receiving their certificates of appreciation. Others in the photo are, from left, Carmen
Sandu, Simona Rollinson, Kirk Talbott, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Rick A. McGaughy
and moderator Amina Elahi. Left, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County, Dorothy
Brown, was one of several city and county administrators, who addressed the
Bharatam Dance Academy headed by Vanitha Veeravalli showcased the talent of more than 100 of its young
students at the Oswego East High School Auditorium in Oswego, Illinois, March 28.
Bharatam Dance Academy Showcases Young Talent
More than 300 members of Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago celebrated Ram Navami
and Holi at Rana-Reagan Community Center in Carol Stream, Illinois, March 21.
Chicagoland’s popular female vocalist Shaila Khedkar and singer Mahesh Bhide from New
York kept the audience entertained for two hours with Holi songs of Lata Mangeshkar and
Kishor Kumar. Executive member Pratima Shah and her team performed a Ram Navami
and Holi-Dhuleti drama. Flowers were presented to seniors whose birthdays
or wedding anniversaries fall in March.
Seniors Celebrate Holi, Ram Navami
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