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December 26, 2014
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ARIES: Tread carefully on the work front
as the week seems profession-
ally unfavourable. A lucrative
investment opportunity can
tempt you, but take the suggestions of
experts before committing. A forthcom-
ing family event is likely to raise your
spirits. Those thinking of a short vaca-
tion will find the change most exhilarat-
ing. Love is in the air and shows all signs
of making the week fun. You will need to
do something to remain fit.
TAURUS A lot of hard work is foreseen
for those trying to make their
mark in a totally different field.
Your expenditure will be much
more than what you manage to earn, so
keep a close tab on your spending. A
family get together can find you into
your element. Your neutral stance on an
issue can be resented by some, but in
the end will be appreciated. Health
remains satisfactory.
GEMINI Things may not go your way on
the work front with rivals
working against you. You may
face difficulties in proving
your mettle in a competitive situation.
Arguments and heated discussions can
mar domestic peace. This is the time to
add to your financial assets. A new
workout regime will serve your purpose
excellently on the health front. Better
understanding with lover is likely to
enrich your romantic relationship.
CANCERTime has arrived to reap rich
rewards of your hard work.
This week, you are likely to
make a mark on the profes-
sional front. Your philanthropic nature
will be much admired and make you
feel good from inside. Probationers and
internees will get a chance to showcase
their talents. Good avenues open up to
make you financially secure. There is a
possibility of gaining wealth or property
by way of inheritance.
LEOThere is a good chance of getting
mentally stressed, if you con-
tinue to do what you shouldn’t
be doing. Some of you will
need to keep your tempers under con-
trol on the work front. Those lagging
behind in preparation can find the time
running out.With parents away, house-
hold responsibilities are likely to come
on some youngsters. Your childishness
can put off lover and put paid to your
romantic aspirations.
VIRGOThose feeling ill at ease over an
issue can rest easy. Financial
problems facing you will not
seem as serious as you had
thought them to be. You will deliver on
the professional front and add to your
reputation. A chance of overseas travel
that threatened to get postponed will
come through. Chance meeting with
someone from the opposite camp can
signal the beginning of a long-term rela-
LIBRAYour performance at work is like-
ly to impress seniors. You can
expect a favourable outcome
of a problem that had been
troubling you for long. Rest and relax-
ation is yours as you manage to find the
perfect getaway. Some positive steps on
your part can be instrumental in
enhancing income. Those in love can
expect a time of their lives this week.
Don’t miss out on regular workouts on
flimsy excuses.
SCORPIOYour romantic aspirations are
likely to be rewarded soon, so
wait for the cupid’s arrow! You
can waste some precious time
in participating in an event that does
not particularly interest you. A depleting
bank balance can get you worried, but it
will only be a temporary phase. A bit of
legwork may be required to get a deal
through. Laziness may threaten to break
your exercise regime.
SAGITTARIUS Playing your cards well in
a family situation will get you
the support and attention you
crave for. Professional worries
can chase some, but will disappear in
time. A sale may not give the expected
returns despite your efforts. Acquisition
of property is in the pipeline for some.
Those going for a long drive are in for an
enjoyable time. You will need to take
better care of your health.
CAPRICORNYou hate being sidelined,
but this is what you may expe-
rience this week. Some of you
can remain mentally tensed
over a professional issue. A family mem-
ber can cause you hardship and can
even work against your interest. Spouse
or lover will be most supportive and will
always be there when you need him or
her the most. Relocation to some other
down cannot be ruled out for some.
Health may cause concern.
AQUARIUS Good weeks are ahead for
students that is what the stars
foretell. Mental tension over
an issue can become a thing
of the past. An outing with family and
friends is likely and will prove refreshing
and restful. You will achieve focus in
whatever you are aiming at. Hard work
will be required for earning good
money. Those getting out of shape will
need to do something about it fast.
PISCESYou are likely to become the
favourite of all, thanks to the
efforts of a well wisher.
Chances of friends or rela-
tions coming and staying with you can-
not be ruled out. Spouse will do much
to brighten up the domestic front. You
will succeed in countering politics tar-
geting you on the professional front. A
new acquisition is on the cards for
some. Changing your routine will be
good for health.
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