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By Sunthar Visuvalingam
he annual Technology
Innovation Summit organ-
ized by an Indian-American
businesswoman was held Dec. 12
at the Civic Opera House here.
PoonamGupta Krishnan, CEO
of Iyka Enterprises Inc., a software
services provider to corporations,
brought together Government
Technology Foundation, a non-
profit organization, and a group of
information technology leaders
with IT incubator TechNexus.
Participants included CIOs and
CTOs from various city, county
and state agencies that oversee
public safety, health and resource
management, as well as business-
es that work with these agencies.
The GTF was created in collab-
oration with experts in technology,
innovation, leadership and com-
munity development to focus on
best practices for deploying tech-
nological innovations, bench-
marking operational excellence
and spurring economic revitaliza-
tion. Participants dwelt on sub-
jects like developing actionable
strategies, public-private partner-
ships and big data solutions to
bring about government efficien-
cies that would help communities.
The outputs from the resulting
work product are to be highlighted
at the GTF conference scheduled
for March 26.
Among the issues identified at
the Dec. 12 meeting were the
importance of preserving and nur-
turing small nimble companies so
that their innovativeness, efficien-
cies and speed to implementation
could be tapped not just by gov-
ernment bureaucracies but also by
more cautious and risk-averse
large corporations. GTF also plans
to confer regular women and
youth innovator awards.
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From News Dispatches
oyola University held an
interfaith memorial serv-
ice for Mutahir Rauf, 23,
the Pakistani student who
was shot to death Dec. 5
during an attempted robbery. The
service was held Dec. 9, at the
Mundelein Auditorium on the
university’s Rogers Park campus.
“We seek peace, not
vengeance; understanding, not
bigotry.We see this brutal act as
being symptomatic of a greater
epidemic of poverty and violence
pervading Chicago,” his younger
brother Mokaram is quoted say-
ing in numerous news reports.
“It’s not about playing the
blame game, it’s not about catch-
ing the perpetrators
and letting that be the
only thing, it’s about
understanding why
this happened, and
how do we prevent
other families from
having their Mutahirs
taken away from
them,” CBSlocal quot-
ed him saying. The
memorial service he
said, was an example
of all races and reli-
gions coming together
to mourn.
Mokaramwas with
Mutahir when two attackers, one
of whom pulled out a gun, tried to
extort money from them. Rauf
had grabbed the weapon, believ-
ing it to be a toy, which fired in the
ensuing struggle. Rauf was fatally
shot in the chest and head. His
brother was not injured. The two
assailants, described by authori-
ties as between 18 to 20 years old,
have yet to be caught.
Rauf graduated with a double
bachelor’s degree in psychology
and science fromNorthwestern
University and was pursuing a
post-baccalaureate degree in pre-
medicine at Loyola.
Mokaram said Mutahir was
motivated by a desire to help peo-
ple. “
He specifically decided to pur-
sue medicine, largely because he
wanted to matter, in the sense of
providing for humanity. He was
largely inspired by some of his
work in outreach activities that he
did in Seyboo Philippines where
he worked with underprivileged
communities, and was inspired by
the various hardships that they
faced,” Mokaram said.
Rauf’s parents came from
Pakistan to honor their son and
take his body back for burial.
Following service, the family held
a private reception for immediate
family and close friends.
A memorial has been growing
at the bloodstained site since Dec.
Loyola University Holds Interfaith Memorial for Slain Pakistani Student
December 26, 2014
Technology Foundation to Inject Innovation into Public Projects
By a Staff Writer
unit Goenka, managing
director and CEO of Zee
Entertainment Enterprises
Limited (ZEEL) unveiled the TV
channel’s all-new, vibrant brand
packaging at Zee Rishtey Awards
2014 in Mumbai Dec. 13, when its
core proposition of “Life Adorned
by Expectations” (Ummeed Se
Saje Zindagi) was upgraded to
“Every Moment Brings New
Expectation” (Har Lamha Nayi
Ummeed). The revamped slogan
aims to show Zee’s innovative
programming to be even more
relevant to everyday scenarios its
viewers are faced with as they try
to re-discover a new ray of hope
with every moment of life.
Launched in 1992 against the
backdrop of post-liberalization
with its socio-cultural and eco-
nomic upheaval, Zee TV brought
a newmeaning to entertainment
in India with content that mir-
rored the common man’s life and
Twenty-two years later, it
remains a leading player in India
and the largest Indian entertain-
ment network in the world, a Zee
press release said.
The strong emotional bond
Zee TV continues to share with its
viewers was consecrated in June
2011 with the slogan ‘Ummeed Se
Saje Zindagi’ accompanied by a
new brand identity and logo. The
claim resonated with shows such
as “Punar Vivaah” that spoke of
rediscovering love in a second
marriage, “Afsar Bitiya” that cap-
tured the journey of a small-town
girl frommodest beginnings to a
successful career and self-esteem,
or any of Zee TV’s non-fiction for-
mats that celebrate the talent of
India’s common man.
“Zee TV’s core proposition of
‘Ummeed Se Saje Zindagi’ was
about a celebration and vindica-
tion of a woman’s emerging
beliefs and a reflection of her
changing hopes, dreams and opti-
mism. This essence was embod-
ied by each of our protagonists
who emerged as role models and
harbingers of hope for the mass-
es. In that sense, Zee TV will
always stand for Ummeed. It is
the articulation that will change
to reflect the changing times.
Today, with India poised for
growth, there is a feeling of ‘a new
hope, every moment.’ Zee TV’s
new slogan ‘Har Lamha Nayi
Ummeed’ captures this spirit and
its brand philosophy,” said Zee TV
Business Head Pradeep Hejmadi.
The accompanying new logo is
a deeper shade of blue and intro-
duces the dynamic image of spin-
ning top that assumes a flower-
like appearance, each of its spines
being perceived as an emerging
new ‘moment’ (lamha), colored
by a distinct exuberant emotion
corresponding to Zee’s various
Zee TV has rolled out a 360-
degree marketing campaign in
collaboration with creative agency
FCB Ulka and ace music compos-
er Salim Sulaiman to ensure the
new branding goes viral and
Viewers will be asked to share
their stories of “hope” (ummeed)
to inspire fresh content on Zee TV
as well as be showcased on digital
platforms. The most impressive,
crowd-sourced stories will even
be curated into a book by a best-
selling author. Viewers will be
encouraged to contribute videos
of their acting, dancing or singing
to an online talent repository,
with gratification for the best
entries every single month.
ZEE TV Targets Emerging Hopes of its Viewers
Information technology leaders from
business, government, academia, and media
gathered over lunch at downtown IT-incubator
TechNexus Dec.12 to brainstorm on
furthering public-private partnerships.
Mutahir Rauf
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